Have you heard of set fee home sales? In 1976, Help-U-Sell Distinctive Homes established a new way to conduct real estate transactions. Instead of charging you the traditional 6% fee, we implemented the new strategy of a flat fee for selling property. Your out-of-pocket cost for selling a home is set and does not depend on the final sale-price of the property. Given that the median home in San Diego is over half a million dollars and rising, set fee homes sales are a good idea. The fee itself will depend on the market at the time of sale but once set, it will not fluctuate up or down. This allows you to know, upfront, what your closing costs will be.

How Can Set Fee Home Sales Work?

Many people wonder how Help-U-Sell Distinctive Homes can survive as a business when the fees are so comparatively low. The answer is simple: we streamline our efforts, optimize our research tools, and eliminate overhead. We tighten our budget by focusing on selling your home instead of hiring mid-level managers to administer the work. We hire only the best realtors who specialize in your community. In short, we offer excellent real estates services at affordable prices through efficiency and diligence.

Set Fee with Full Service

Rest assured that the set-fee comes with full service. Our real estate agents are highly experienced and will take you through the entire process of selling your property. This includes:
  • pricing and staging,
  • marketing and showings,
  • representing and negotiating,
  • coordinating inspections and finalizing buy/sell transaction.
All Help-U-Sell agents and brokers are licensed, members of their local MLS boards and members of the National Association of RealtorsĀ®. Call us for more information: (619) 282-4663.

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