Want to know more about San Diego Flat Fee Real Estate Sales?  It’s a new way to conduct business in the real estate industry.  About 40 years ago, Help-U-Sell Distinctive Homes scrapped the concept of charging you the traditional 6% fee for selling your home.  We introduced a new way to buy and sell homes: you pay a flat fee.  The amount of money you pay in seller’s fee remains the same regardless of the final sale price of the home.  Most Sellers will agree that this is great news because the median price for a home in San Diego is over $500,000. “What is this flat fee?” you might ask.  The fee depends on the market at the time of sale, but once it is established, it won’t change.  So, on one hand, you are still at the mercy of the market, but at least it won’t fluctuate and you’ll know what the closing costs are before you sell.

How Do Flat Fee Home Sales Work?

Flat rate fee are almost always lower than the traditional 6% and some people wonder how this business model really works.  Help-U-Sell Distinctive Homes makes it work by streamlining  efforts, optimizing research strategies, and minimizing overhead costs. We reduce our budget by hiring fewer administrators and fewer mid-level managers.  Instead we focus on home sales. We recruit the finest realtors who are specialists in a particular community. Basically, we thrive through efficient and diligent real estates services.  This brings down our cost and the savings passes to you, the Seller.

San Diego Flat Fee Real Estate Sales Comes with Full Services

Our flat fee home sales comes with comprehensive services.  Our real estate agents will take you through the entire process from staging the home until it is sold and the money is in your pocket. Services include:
• pricing and staging,
• marketing and showings,
• representing and negotiating,
• coordinating inspections and finalizing buy/sell transaction.
All Help-U-Sell real estate agents and brokers are licensed to work in California and are members of the National Association of Realtors®. and members of their local MLS board.  Please call us to get started: (619) 282-4663.

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